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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Lies and Deceit of the Obama Administration

In the past couple weeks we have seen this administrations true intentions come to light. Scandal after scandal has plagued the headlines of every news outlet. Those of us that have done our best to expose the lies have been push up against the wall and constantly called conspiracy theorists, right wing nut jobs, racist, and many other derogatory terms that I will not mention. Some of us on the side of the truth have been smeared to a point of almost no return and I don't think any of us expect redemption. Honestly, we don't care about redemption, we only care about the truth and we have tried mercilessly to bring it to you every single day. Those on the other side have done all they could to label us as fear mongrels who desire nothing other than to make the left look bad. I started The Sounding Board with one purpose in mind: The Truth. If the truth makes someone look bad, that's not my problem. The job of the media is to expose the truth, not to suck up to whoever gives them more money or backroom deals. This has been forgotten. 

I want to breakdown a few of the examples of truth that has been exposed in the past couple weeks. Please share this not just with those that see your point of view, but with those that have been blinded by the lies and deceit of this administration. 

Associated Press Scandal

It has been revealed that the Department of Justice seized the phone records of over 100 journalists without them knowing. The main thing I want to focus on here is what this outrageous action truly means. We the people rely on reporters to give us facts based on investigative journalism. Sometimes their investigations depend on whistle blowers or people that want to remain anonymous do to the fear of backlash for exposing the truth. 

How many times have you told someone, anyone, something that you didn't want exposed? How many secrets have you told someone that you only told because you knew that they wouldn't throw you under the bus? If you knew that someone was listening in on your conversation, would you have told those secrets? Most likely not. 

So here's the problem, forget about the fact that this is a huge invasion of privacy, but this violates trust between journalists and sources. I will note that this invasion of privacy strengthened during the Bush administration with the Patriot Act, but it has been further empowered under the Obama administration with the introduction of items such as the NDAA. This administration has prosecuted more whistle blowers than EVERY administration before, COMBINED! 

How will we ever get the facts if every possible source is afraid of being found out? Would you talk to a reporter today about something that is happening that you know is wrong, now that you know that the DOJ has the ability to listen in on your conversation without anyone knowing? Of course you wouldn't. This is TYRANNY! This is the tactic of intimidation and it has been pushed in full force by the Chicago Mob that now resides in the White House. Obama told us a week ago to reject the voices that cry out tyranny. Why do you think that is? This administration has intimidated its way to the top and it has continued its tactic of intimidation through the agencies under the direction of President Obama and the people he has appointed. 

Internal Revenue Service Scandal

The IRS has been exposed for attacking conservative groups. I am not going to spend too much time discussing this because of the hearings being held and the fact that the media is doing a far better job covering this than I ever could. I will note that this is just another case of our government trying to weaken the resolve of those that see things differently than this administration. People like Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney, and many others have brought this to the attention of the public over the past couple years. Although this is not news to some of us that do our best to pay attention to things of this nature, it has become a huge talking point as of late, due to the main stream media finally jumping on board. 

The main thing that needs to be taken away from this scandal is the fact that this is simply proof that our government has the ability to affect the lives of those that stand against it. What is most important is that right now we have a Democrat in office, so if you side with him then you're on safe ground. What should worry you though is what happens if someone else takes office that you disagree with? Are you still confident that you are on safe ground? Let that sink in for a minute. To those of you that despised Mitt Romney, if he had won the presidency in 2012, would you feel confident that the IRS will never audit you, or question your financing now that we know what we know? I wouldn't, and I don't. 

Don't worry though. The woman that was in charge of the tax exempt section for the IRS during all of the conservative attacks, Sarah Hall Ingram, is the now the director of the ObamaCare office within the IRS. How do you feel now? This leads me into my topic... 


Here's the latest fact on ObamaCare from the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein: 

“When President Obama was selling his health care legislation to Congress, he declared that 'the plan I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion over 10 years.' 

But with the law’s major provisions set to kick in next year, a new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office projects that the law will cost double that, or $1.8 trillion.” 

Did you get that? The Congressional Budget Office projects that ObamaCare will now cost twice as much as what we were told. $1,800,000,000,000. That's trillion not billion. Collectivism sells an idea by stating the ends only. They never want to discuss the means to get there. How do we pay for this huge government expansion? More and more taxes. Paul Krugman came out months ago stating that in order for this legislation to work, we will have to tax the middle class more and create death panels. 

So yet again we have an area where people that stood opposed to something have been blasted as any derogatory name you can come up with, and now we are being proven as correct. The cost of this legislation has always had to fall on the backs of millions of hard working Americans, but now it's proven by the Congressional Budget Office that it will cost us twice as much as originally promised. So not only are we now having to pay more in insurance premiums but we will be paying more in taxes. 

Lastly let me remind you of the sad sob story that President Obama gave us involving his mother not receiving healthcare during her fight with cancer. Even though this story was in fact proven false it help Obama push ObamaCare under the disguise of no one with Pre-Existing Conditions being denied medical coverage ever again. Well check out the latest coming directly from 

Beginning February 16, 2013, the federally-run Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) is suspending acceptance of new enrollment applications until further notice. State-based PCIPs may continue accepting enrollment applications through March 2, and will then suspend acceptance of new enrollment applications until further notice. 

PCIP is a temporary program for those locked out of the current insurance marketplace. The program has a limited amount of funding from Congress. 

So let me get this straight; one of the biggest selling points of ObamaCare has now been “temporarily suspended” due to lack of funding from congress. Here comes the blame game against the Republican party. Forget about the fact that this whole bill is not only not cost effective, but it is not affordable. Money has to come from somewhere, and even though this administration has printed more paper money that you can possibly imagine, there is just not enough to afford this. Where do the lies end? 

Benghazi Scandal

This whole attack has been spun in so many directions that the average citizen doesn't even know what's going on anymore. The talking points that were given to the American people regarding the attack that took place on September 11, 2012 have now been proved as false. Everyone involved from the State Department and the White House have lied to us about a stupid YouTube video that never should have been blamed to begin with. The protests that took place across the rest of the Middle East have been proven to have nothing to do with this video either. Even though these facts have been presented, the White House and State Department are still trying their best to stick to their story. 

Bottom line, we we're lied to again. The parents of those that were killed still have no answers. This is nothing more than unacceptable and incompetent. 

The lies from this Administration outweigh anything we have ever seen before. Every administration before has lied to us to push an agenda, I will never deny that, but the Obama administration takes the cake. We have to remind the government that it works for us, not the other way around. Take note that the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the seizure of Associated Press phone records, and the Benghazi scandal all took place during the last election. They all took place in order to intimidate opposition and to mislead the American public into believing a false narrative. There are two words to describe this: Unacceptable Incompetence. 

We the people deserve so much better from those that represent us. You can not tell me that the President of the United States is not aware of whats going on in the agencies he oversees or the actions of those he appointed. Between the Fast and Furious Scandal and the seizure of AP phone records, Attorney General Eric Holder should be fired and replaced. The fall guy for the IRS scandal has resigned from post just weeks before he was actually set to resign. He will still receive all benefit packages associated with retiring from the IRS and will most likely never be reprimanded for his behavior. 

It's time we force our government to operate the same way as a business in the private sector. They should not be allowed to spend money that they don't have. They should not be allowed to make investments for “The Greater Good” if there is no sign of financial success in that investment. They should be held accountable for their actions the same way that the rest of us are and they should not be immune from the legislation that they force upon us. 

President Obama, you told me to reject the voices that cry out tyranny. Well Mr. President, I reject your voice! I reject your lies! I reject your intimidation! And I reject believing that you have my best interests in mind in everything you do. Incompetence is the only trait you display, and it will be your downfall.

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